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I am an empowerment mentor and am obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs, who are 50 years and older, rediscover their passion and Soul purpose, so they can courageously step out of their comfort zone and live a joyful, heart centred, abundant life.

Having lived in many big cities and small country towns throughout my life, I have become an expert at adapting quickly to new situations and environments, both in life and in my various careers. This has enabled me to develop tools and strategies, which I share with the women I mentor, to enable them to reconnect with who they really are and reignite their passion and life purpose.

Jean Adams

I work with women globally, and our sessions are held online via Zoom, or on the phone.

I help women rediscover the true essence of who they and help them identify the challenges that are keeping them from achieving their dreams. Together, we create practical goals that keep them accountable as they move forward on the next stage of their journey. We work together so they can create a heart centred life which is joyful, abundant, and rewarding on their terms.

I believe that living a heart centred life, which makes your Soul sing, enables you to live joyfully and abundantly, and also inspires other people to do the same.

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