Empowered You – Reignite your Passion and Life Purpose

Are you feeling tired and uninspired? Do you feel disconnected from your passion and purpose?

Do you feel lost and are you unsure how to reconnect with the Soul essence of who you are?

Would you love to live a heart centred life, which makes your Soul sing?

The Empowered You programme has been created for wonderful, heart centred women like you.

In this programme, we will work together to create a plan, along with positive action steps which are specific to where you are in your life at the moment. so you can rediscover your passion and life purpose.

You will be able to joyfully rediscover who you really are, and learn how to transform your life so that you feel more confident, courageous, and empowered.

Our Emerging New World

The world has changed enormously in recent months and the way we live our lives has altered dramatically. Many people are now working from home, trying to juggle work, self care and wellbeing as well as managing family commitments and supporting elderly relatives.

You may be asking yourself “How do I redefine how I live my life, so that I feel connected to the essence of who I am and live a heart centred life, so I can move forward and feel empowered in this new world?” You know that you need to find a new way of living and working, yet you really don’t know where to begin.

Why Work with Me?

I am an female empowerment mentor, and am also an expert in adapting quickly to significant changes in life, and business, so that I can reconnect with my passion and purpose when everything feels out of alignment.

I am obsessed with empowering women to courageously step out of their comfort zone and into their personal power, so they can live heart centred, joyful, abundant lives.

With over 30 years’ experience in adapting to changes in my personal life and career, I am an expert in knowing how to adjust quickly to change. I have lived in many towns and cities in New Zealand and recently moved countries to live in Australia.

I understand only too well how overwhelming and exhausting life changes can feel. How it can feel incredibly daunting at times and how feeling disconnected from the essence of who you are can leave you feeling lost and confused.

I have developed empowering tools and techniques to help the wonderful women I work with reconnect with true essence of who they are and discover their true passion and purpose in life.

Imagine your life at the moment is like being a butterfly in a cocoon. As we work together you gradually emerge from your chrysalis, flying confidently and passionately into your new life, truly connected with your Soul purpose, so you can live a heart centred, joyful, abundant life.

Where you right now, in the list below?
I can help you move from the place of feeling overwhelmed and stuck, to feeling empowered and abundant.

I know how to help you move forward, so you can push through your fears and overcome the overwhelm and inertia you are feeling.

Maybe your fears telling you that you are:

  • Anxious that you have left it too late to reinvent yourself in this time of change
  • Worried about what your friends and family will think if you make changes
  • Not good enough to receive happiness and abundance
  • Afraid you will not have enough time or energy to take positive action
  • Scared of making changes and stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Anxious that everything is changing so fast it is hard to keep up
  • Unsure where to start
  • Feel too overwhelmed, tired, stressed, anxious and time poor to be able to think about what you actually want and need
  • Wondering if you really have what it takes to make this work

I can help you:

  • Rediscover the Soul essence of who you are
  • Create a clear, heart centred plan of action to enable you to live your life purpose with passion and confidence
  • Feel empowered, inspired, and focused every day
  • Have the courage to step into your own power, no matter what your friends and family may say
  • I will be your cheerleader, walk beside you and encourage you every step of the way.

CLARITY without this you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, and keep going around in circles. This impacts everything you do, every single day. When you have clarity, you can focus on the decisions you need to make to move forward.

DECISION without making decisions about what you want in your business and your life, you will simply drift aimlessly through each day, like a rudderless ship. When you decide what you want you are ready to commit to moving forward.

ACTION without taking action, you will find it very difficult to reach your goals. When you are committed to taking action, you have a strong sense of freedom and achievement as you step into your power with courage, focus and conviction.

You will walk away from this program with:

  • Clarity about who you really are and how to live a life that makes your Soul sing
  • A clear plan of the action of the steps you need to take to enable you to live with passion and purpose
  • Tools and strategies to enable you to align with a heart centred way of living and being
  • A clear understanding of how to adapt quickly in times of change, with tools and resources to keep and use in the future
  • The courage and self-confidence to remain centred and grounded in who you are, in challenging times

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You are a woman who is over 50 years of age
  • You are prepared to be honest about where you are now
  • You are willing to take action to create a heart centred, joyful life
  • You want an individual plan for how to move forward
  • You are committed to investing the time, energy and resources to achieve your goals
  • You know that you, and you alone, are the person who can make the choice to take responsibility for the life you want to live

This program is not ideal for you if:

  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You are not prepared to take action
  • You are full of excuses
  • You do not want to invest your time and resources in yourself
  • You are not prepared to take ownership of where you are at

Living courageously is a choice you make every day.

When you choose to live a courageous, heart centred life, you feel aligned with your passion and purpose and you are truly empowered.

Ways to work with me.

To make it easy for me to help you, the programmes listed below can be tailored for your individual circumstances and will be priced accordingly.

The three programme options below are an indication of the programme content available.

Payment plans are also available.

All sessions are held online, via Zoom.


  • Weekly motivational email
  • Individual Questionnaire
  • 30-minute initial strategy session
  • 12 week mentoring programme
  • Monthly, 60 minute, mentoring sessions
  • Option to upgrade to Silver or Gold level, which includes an additional mentoring session


  • Weekly motivational email
  • Individual Questionnaire
  • 30-minute initial strategy session
  • 12 week mentoring programme
  • Fortnightly, 60 minute, mentoring sessions
  • Mentor support via email, during business hours
  • Option to upgrade to Gold level, which includes two additional mentoring sessions


  • Weekly motivational email
  • Individual Questionnaire
  • Diagnostic Business assessment
  • 90-minute initial strategy session
  • 6 month mentoring programme
  • Fortnightly, 2 hour, mentoring sessions
  • On call mentor support via email and private message
  • 90-minute final Strategy session
  • Access to Masterclass webinars
  • Monthly inspirational book
  • Personal Journal for inspirational writing


“Owning a small business in this current climate means there is always something to think about to ensure our business is viable in every way.

I was very fortunate to meet Jean recently and have a conversation with her about my business. I found Jean to be inspiring and her lateral thinking strategies for my business were positive, proactive and extremely insightful.

Jean was inspirational in encouraging me to move forward and expand my business. She guided me on how I could reach my goals in a realist way and also helped me discover how I can move forward more confidently in my business.

Jean is a very thoughtful, kind, caring and approachable person. I am forever grateful for her support, advice and care and look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”

Glenda Fagan, Director Boutique Tours & Travel, Australia

“During my conversations with Jean, she opened my eyes to what I was tolerating in my life that wasn’t working. I couldn’t see it, but she could. Her supportive way IS empowering and got me to move immediately! I was pretty amazed at how she did this. She also laser focused on my gifts, which enabled me to focus on and embrace my strengths. She gave me the big positive jolt that I needed to get on the right track!”

Ellyn Brunskill, Real Estate Consultant at Tall Poppy Real Estate, New Zealand

“I’ll never forget how I felt after my first session with Jean. I was on top of the world with the knowledge that absolutely anything was possible! Jean helped me understand what my values were and see the priority I was giving them in my everyday life. Once I understood this, I realised I could have the most amazing business, as well as have enough energy for family, health, and a great quality of life. It was as though I finally understood my purpose and how that could be intertwined into all areas of my life, not just business. Jean was extremely skilled at helping me understand my value and worth in the world, which has certainly had a great impact on my quality of life. I would highly recommend Jean to anyone who is feeling as though they need some guidance and direction to ensure no area of their life is neglected so they can live their ‘extraordinary life.’”

Joanne Cenko, Owner and Tutor at Rhythm and Tunes Piano School, Australia

“Jean has been a true inspiration to me as I was establishing my business. Her sincere willingness to help is unsurpassed, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

Nicola Moras, Online Visibility Expert, Australia

About Jean

I am an empowerment mentor and am obsessed with helping women, who are over 50 years of age, to rediscover their passion and Soul purpose, so they can courageously step out of their comfort zone and live a joyful, heart centred, abundant life.

Having lived in many big cities and small country towns throughout my life, I have become an expert at adapting quickly to new situations and environments, both in life and in my various careers. This has enabled me to develop tools and strategies, which I share with the women I mentor, to enable them to reconnect with who they really are and reignite their passion and life purpose.

I have made significant changes in my own life recently, having followed my dream of moving to, and living in, Melbourne, Australia, after courageously leaving New Zealand.

I work with women globally, and our sessions are held online via Zoom, or on the phone.

I help women rediscover the true essence of who they and help them identify the challenges that are keeping them from achieving their dreams. Together, we create practical goals that keep them accountable as they move forward on the next stage of their journey. We work together so they can create a heart centred life which is joyful, abundant and rewarding on their terms.

I believe that living a heart centred life, which makes your Soul sing, enables you to live joyfully and abundantly, and also inspires other people to do the same.

” You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen”. – Oprah Winfrey