“Owning a small business in this current climate means there is always something to think about to ensure our business is viable in every way.

I was very fortunate to meet Jean recently and have a conversation with her about my business. I found Jean to be inspiring and her lateral thinking strategies for my business were positive, proactive and extremely insightful.

Jean was inspirational in encouraging me to move forward and expand my business. She guided me on how I could reach my goals in a realist way and also helped me discover how I can move forward more confidently in my business.

Jean is a very thoughtful, kind, caring and approachable person. I am forever grateful for her support, advice and care and look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”

Glenda Fagan, Director Boutique Tours & Travel, Australia

In one short hour during my conversation with Jean, she opened my eyes to what I was tolerating in my life that wasn’t working. I couldn’t see it, but she could. Her supportive way IS empowering and got me to move immediately! I was pretty amazed at how she did this. She also laser focused on my gifts, which enabled me to focus on and embrace my strengths. She gave me the big positive jolt that I needed to get on the right track!
Ellyn Brunskill

I’ll never forget how I felt after my first session with Jean Adams. I was on top of the world with the knowledge that absolutely anything was possible! Jean helped me understand what my values were, and see the priority I was giving them in my everyday life. Once I understood this, I realised I could have the most amazing business, as well as have enough energy for family, health, and a great quality of life. It was as though I finally understood my purpose and how that could be intertwined into all areas of my life, not just business. Jean was extremely skilled at helping me understand my value and worth in the world, which has certainly had a great impact on my quality of life. I would highly recommend Jean to anyone who is feeling as though they need some guidance and direction to ensure no area of their life is neglected so they can live their ‘extraordinary life.
Joanne Cenko

Having the intention of a great outcome from Jean’s coaching is quite a life changing transformation – BOOM!

Jean certainly has the great skills to deliver but more than that; Jean also has an array of life experience to call upon and utilise.

Our session together began with Jean asking a lot of questions as if on a fact finding mission. Shortly into the session, I realised that I had the wrong item. That precept alone just blew the lid off my previous self doubts and opened up so much more clarity. That was a HUGE win for me.

A follow up session with Jean helped me cement the framework required for an additional new project – how timely to even realise I can have a team from the Eastern States and a coach from abroad. The results were fabulous. This I expected; albeit not quite that fast and within a few days I was happily moving forward with a much deeper understanding and compassion for the growth process itself.

The bonus – I am going to bed happier within myself and awakening with a little bit of fire inside me without wondering around confused or overwhelmed by the extra studies I have yet to complete.

It is definitely worth spending time and money to address any underlying issues and the wonderful thing about working with Jean is; her beautiful loving energy. It is so genuine you just know you are about to have a major break through.

Having a personal development coach is also the best gift we can allow ourselves to have.

To play an even bigger game and have a set up for my passion and purpose is the real diamond in working with Jean Adams and my wider team mates. I now look forward a life of fulfillment that truly makes my spirit sing.

In Gratitude to you Jean Adams.

Nerisa Finau

Jean has been an incredible support to me in my business. As a solo heart-based entrepreneur there have been times when I have felt very alone and unsure whether I have the courage to continue on my path. Having Jean to bounce around ideas, to share my successes and my challenges has been a blessing. Jean’s knowledge of sales and marketing, her willingness to embrace change with trust and optimism means that I leave our conversations certain of the direction to take and believing in myself and my vision once more. Thank you, Jean, for your presence, for your warmth and your guidance.

Shiona Long